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2018 Manitoba Book Awards
June 5, 2018
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July 8, 2020

Wherin we discuss our first comics and inspirations, how NOT to pitch to a publisher, and more!

O ne would be hard pressed to find two more creative juggernauts in our fine city than Justin Currie and GMB Chomichuk. Completely unselfish in sharing their collected experience, these fine gents have inspired so many of us in this city to push our artistic pursuits past their limits.

So you can imagine my honour in being asked to be a guest on the latest offspring of their enthusiasm - the Super Pulp Science Podcast!

Gregory and Justin welcome Donovan Yaciuk (Spacepig Hamadeus) to the podcast. They all reminisce about the first comic books they ever read, discuss the art of pitching story ideas to publishers, and Donovan relates his somewhat rocky experiences getting Spacepig Hamadeus off the ground.

The new issue of Spacepig Hamadeus is available November 22nd at

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Production: Dan Vadeboncoeur Titles: Jesse Hamel & Nick Smalley