Kimot Ren #1

Jack Grimm: Harbinger of Death
February 7, 2021
Captain Canuck Year One: Kebec
Captain Canuck: Kebec Year One
January 31, 2022

Kimot Ren #1

This extra-long first issue has it all!

An alien android lost in the Old West! Mutiny on a flying saucer! An escape from an upside-down crashed UFO, in which the panels are also upside-down! Drunk locals contemplating the universe!

Written By: Julian Darius
Art By: Andre Siregar
Coloured By: Donovan Yaciuk
Lettered By: Stephen Legge

"Donovan Yaciuk’s colouring is fantastic demonstrating that comic book colouring is an art onto itself and not just grabbing a box of crayons and staying in-between the lines"

Martin Boruta - First Comics News

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