Captain Canuck: Kebec Year One

Kimot Ren #1
February 7, 2021
Captain Canuck Season 3: Harbinger
January 31, 2022

Captain Canuck: Kebec Year One

She’s an expert sharpshooter, superior hand to hand combatant and Tom Evans’ most trusted ally.

As one teammate had been known to say, “Captain Canuck saves everybody, but Kebec saves Captain Canuck”. This is your chance to meet Yvette Arsenault before Afghanistan, before her journey with Captain Canuck, before she was… Kebec.

Written By: Marguerite Sauvage
Art By: Carl Tetreault
Coloured By: Donovan Yaciuk
Lettered By: Andrew Thomas
Cover By: Julien Pilon & Marguerite Sauvage
Edited By: Tony White

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