Captain Canuck Season 3: Harbinger

Captain Canuck Year One: Kebec
Captain Canuck: Kebec Year One
January 31, 2022
Secret Wars: Battleworld
March 31, 2022

Captain Canuck: Season 3: Harbinger

Tom Evans has walked away from the mantle of Captain Canuck and returned to a simple life on the reservation, but the world he left behind has never been more in need of a hero. An extraterrestrial incursion has arrived on Earth, carving a trail of destruction in its wake. As the casualties mount, only one man can save us.

Written By: Kalman Andrasofsky
Art By: Leonard Kirk, Emmanuelle Chateauneuf, Jason Loo
Inks By: Emmanuelle Chateauneuf, Clara Meath
Coloured By: Yinfaowei Harrison, Donovan Yaciuk, Paris Alleyne
Lettered By: Andrew Thomas
Cover By: John Gallagher
Edited By: Allison O’Toole

"Captain Canuck is back in a brand new volume that’s a continuation of what’s come before and serves as a decent jumping on point for new readers."

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"Good pacing, surprisingly interesting storyline with flawed characters with dark pasts."

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